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Payroll, rent, furniture, utilities, IT equipment, communications infrastructure and consumables are just a few of financial burdens that come with running a business.  ANC Admin Solutions is committed to helping you focus your valuable time on strategy, while we take care of your administration, enabling you or your business to maximise productivity. We aim to provide value to our customers, regardless of the size of their business.

We aim to provide a high quality and reliable service through a team of individuals with expertise in different fields and areas. ANC Admin Solutions is here to make your life considerably easier.

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Who we work with

We help mothers from all backgrounds who are struggling to cope with the 9-5  careers and need to find flexible work that meets their financial needs while allowing them to have a balanced family life as they have more time to be at home with their children and hopefully cut down on costly childcare costs.

We also aim to be the helping and guiding hand that provides meaningful job opportunities to people from the refugee and migrant background who are often marginalised and end up  doing minimum wage  jobs regardless of their qualifications, skills and experience. 

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Best practice

The security of our clients’ information and our ethical conduct are at the core of our delivery. Our staffs and partners are GDPR trained so you can rest assured that we do whatever it takes to make sure your information is highly protected, with the highest professional standards and confidentiality.

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