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We do the admin, 
so you can focus on
what matters most.

Flexible and Affordable administrative services
for charities, SMEs and  individuals

Admin Solutions for you

Payroll, rent, furniture, utilities, IT equipment, communications infrastructure and consumables are just a few of financial burdens that come with running a charity.  ANC Admin Solutions is committed to helping you focus your valuable time on strategy, while we take care of your administration, enabling you and your organisation and deliver your mission. We aim to provide value to our clients and be part of their team.

ANC Admin Solutions was founded by Amina Kadogo, a experienced charity administrator who understands: 

1. The limitations of impactful but mall charities who don't have bigger teams, resulting in the executive staff doing both strategic and operational work
2. The challenges faced by skilled refugees in accessing meaningful employment
3. Challenges faced by mums/parents with young families who need flexible careers  to work around their families


Amina therefore, wanted to provide remote, high quality, flexible and reliable admin and accounting services fit for these charities while creating job opportunities for refugees who are often marginalised  regardless of their skills and qualifications as well as mums in need of flexible careers.​

  • We take care of your admin and bookkeeping 

  • You save time and focus on the mission of your charity

  • You help mums get flexible jobs        

  • You help refugees and migrants get into meaningful employment

Save time while changing lives

We help mothers from all backgrounds who are struggling to cope with the 9-5  careers and need to find flexible work that meets their financial needs while allowing them to have a balanced family life as they have more time to be at home with their children and hopefully cut down on costly childcare costs.

We also aim to be the helping and guiding hand that provides meaningful job opportunities to people from the refugee and migrant background who are often marginalised and end up  doing minimum wage  jobs regardless of their qualifications, skills and experience. 

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Our standards

The security of our clients’ information and our ethical conduct are at the core of our delivery. Our staffs and partners are GDPR trained so you can rest assured that we do whatever it takes to make sure your information is highly protected, with the highest professional standards and confidentiality.

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“It’s a joy to have ANC Admin Solutions as part of the Bloody Good Period team. Lise and Amina have worked so hard to get up to speed on our work, our tone of voice and the many complex areas in which we need support. The work is fast-paced and they joined at a particularly busy time of year. Yet we feel we are so well supported. Our (numerous) emails are handled efficiently and in the very distinct BGP tone of voice, our calendars are well organised and we have new processes in place that have helped a remote team function even more efficiently. Thank you Lise and Amina, we look forward to continuing to work with you”

Rachel Grocott, CEO,
Bloody Good Period

“It's been a pleasure to work with ANC Solutions and I highly recommend them! Amina and her team stepped in at short notice to help us deliver Refugee Week 2022, and have been efficient, flexible, communicative and dedicated to getting the job done efficiently and to the highest standards.”

Emily Churchill Zaraa,
Refugee Week UK Coordinator,
Counterpoints Arts”

Amina and her team are real asset to the Human Milk Foundation. They support us with invoicing, accounts receivable, payroll and VAT returns in a swift, professional way, and they are always available whenever we need their help. We are delighted to be working with an organisations whose goals so closely align with those of the HMF, and who make a real difference in people’s lives

Asmaa Shariff,
Operations Director,
Human Milk Foundation

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