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Our Stories

“Finally, I am able to put my skills to good use”;
Lise’s story is one of a woman who went from Struggling Refugee Mum to Becoming a Successful Administrative Support that Works Remotely to Provide for Her Child

Lise's Story

Lise, a single mother in her early 40s has a story like many people in our world today. Unfortunately, she was made to be a refugee by circumstances far beyond her control.


Before she became a refugee and came to us, Lise worked for the United Nations as a full-time assistant accountant for over a decade.

Then she and her child were forced into a life of struggle and difficulty that refugees often find themselves, for four years.

During these four years, she found constant difficulty in her attempts to provide for her child as she was able to find a bit of administration work here and there, all paying her minimum wage. As a single mother, this was not enough to provide for herself and her child.

Once we began to work with Lise to help find her the best options out there so that she could be able to provide for her family but also still have flexibility in her work schedule to spend time with her young child that she has fought so hard for all these years.


Thankfully we were able to find her a decent work that met all her needs. Lise now works 16 hours a week providing admin support to Bloody Good Period, at a much better  and fairer wage than the minimum wage she used to receive elsewhere.


Not only is the pay better and the hours flexible, but she also works completely remote which makes it much easier for her to be home with her daughter when she needs her.


Her 9-year-old child will now be able to grow up knowing that their mother Lise never gave up and did everything in her power to make sure they were cared for.


We are simply grateful and blessed that we were able to play a helping part in this new chapter of Lise’s story.


There is no better feeling than to help someone in need knowing that they will not only take the offered help but then learn to grow and thrive from the help you were able to give them.


Lise’s Story is Our Mission


ANC Admin was founded and created with a very specific goal in mind…helping people like Lise and any mothers who are struggling to cope with the 9-5  careers and need to find flexible work that meets their financial needs while allowing them to have a balanced family life as they have more time to be at home with their children.


As a company, we also aim to be the helping and guiding hand that provides meaningful job opportunities to people from the refugee and migrant background who are often marginalised and end up  doing minimum wage  jobs regardless of their qualifications, skills and experience. 


By working together with small businesses and charities we are devoted to helping the Lises of the world to get back up on their feet. We believe that mothers around the world that have found themselves in a rough patch of life should be able to get the help and guidance they need to find reliable and good-paying employment that allows for a flexible schedule so that they can be home with their children more often.


The organisations we support benefit from the affordability we provide with subscriptions starting from as little as 10 hours per months depending on the level of support you need. They benefit from the possibility to have all their admin needs (bookkeeping, HR support and general admin) under one roof. They also benefit from ready to go expertise as all our team members have over 10 years’ experience each in their specific fields. Here is what Rachel Grocott , Communications and Public Fundraising Director at Bloody Good Period says about our services: “We are delighted to work with Lise! Bloody Good Period works to get period products to refugees and asylum-seekers, so to work with someone who has lived experience of seeking asylum, combined with expert organisational and support skills, is really important to us. We also strongly believe in flexible working - it’s vital that we allow people to balance their working lives around family life and caring responsibilities. We fully support ANC Admin and their ethos.” 


We strive to help refugees and migrants find a way to get back up on their feet, give them a little dusting off and then give them the tools and direction they need so that they can grow and thrive to become the best versions of themselves, for themselves and their loved ones. 


In 2021 over 80 million people across the world were forced to migrate from their homes and become refugees without a home. These forced migrations were the results of religious persecution, wartime conflicts, and violations of human rights. The situation in Afghanistan and Ukraine will skyrocket these numbers, putting many people like Lise in need of work that pays fairer wages so that they can be with their children more, regardless of the situations and circumstances of their life.


Why Stories Like Lise’s Should Be Considered Major Wins


It’s clear to see that Lise’s life as a mother and a refugee was not easy. So, when success stories like this happen after we helped her find better long-term employment, it gives us a reason to celebrate.


We celebrate Lise’s strong fortitude and unwillingness to give up for the sake of her child. She knew that they could have a better life if she continued to push forward, and now, at least they are stepping in the right direction, with her hope being restored. 

We love mothers and want to do everything we can to make sure that they can continue to provide happy and healthy lives for their children.

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